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We at OTF have just posted an announcement detailing our intent to release a new “Request for Partners” (RFP) in support of the creation of our newest Lab, the Learning Lab. You can access the full draft RFP there, and if you have any questions or comments about it, feel free to ask away in this thread.

The schedule for this RFP will run as follows:

13-08-2018: DRAFT RFP is published
24-08-2018: Deadline for any posted questions
27-08-2018: RFP is published
07-09-2018: Deadline for applications
21-09-2018: Estimated date for contract issuance

From now until August 24th, we’ll answer any questions you might have about this RFP and the Learning Lab itself. Whether you’re thinking about applying or are just curious about the Lab and its offerings, feel free to check out the draft RFP and drop your thoughts into this thread, and we’ll reply to you in a prompt fashion. Your feedback will help inform the finalized shape and scope the RFP takes when it goes live on August 27th. If you’re seeing this after the final RFP is published, don’t let that deter you from asking a question - we’ll still answer your queries as best we can until the final deadline.

Thanks! I look forward to engaging with you all in what I hope will prove to be a useful and exciting endeavor that is of utility to the Internet freedom community.


Thanks @dan! Love the framing of the new lab! I can think of various cases where the Learning Lab would be useful for others. Personally, as part of the Usability Lab, it’s great to see that the Learning Lab would be able to cover parts the Usability Lab would not be able to cover (Website Design and Graphic Design from what I gather).

Having said that, would it be possible for us, as a service provider for the Usability Lab (Ura Design) to also be a service provider for the Learning Lab? We often have smaller requests which don’t fit into the Usability Lab but might be a good fit for the Learning Lab.



Hey @elioqoshi, thanks for the feedback! It is indeed fine for you to apply to be a service provider for the Learning Lab despite already being a service provider for the Usability Lab. Given that the Labs provide distinct services, so long as you can demonstrate your suitability and capability for the services offered through this Lab, you’re welcome to apply.

  • Dan


Thanks for the reply, that’s good to hear that’s the case :slight_smile:


hey folks, just wanted to flag that today is the deadline for posted questions regarding the Learning Lab RFP, which as indicated in the timeline above is set to go live on Monday, August 27th. This is more of a “soft” deadline for questions, though, because once it goes live I’ll continue to answer your questions and respond to your comments here - they just won’t be reflected in the final language of the RFP.



Update: The RFP has been published is now accepting applications. You can find it here: https://www.opentech.fund/labs/learning-lab/request-partners-learning-lab/. Reminder that the deadline for applications is set for Friday, September 7th, 2018.

If you have any questions between now and then, please ask here or contact me directly at dan@opentech.fund. I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi @dan – have two questions about the partner application:

  1. Client references: how long should they be? Is 2-3 lines enough?
  2. Payment provisions requested: what does this mean? (Or what’s an example of one?)



Hey @dan, just wondering if there are any geographic restrictions (i.e. would you consider an application from Australia)?


Hi @jasonli, thanks your for your questions:

  1. 2-3 lines is plenty - even just a name and email address would suffice.
  2. This is where you would detail your respective pricing rate (per hour) for each offered service.

Hope this answers your questions - if not, just let me know.


Hello Elise, thanks for your question:

Applicants from Australia are welcome to apply. Geographic restrictions would only apply in cases where an applicant resides “within countries that the United States has trade restrictions or export sanctions as determined by the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC),” as quoted from the RFP.


I came across this RFP quite late and I’d like to submit an application for the same. However, I’m uncertain about the first question in the application form - What is your project or organisation name - for I’m not affiliated to any organisation that takes up writing service contracts nor do I have my own project under which I take up independent writing contracts. Nevertheless, I’m keenly interested in applying to this opportunity. May I please know the best way to answer this question?

Thank you!


Pooja, thank you for your question:

Because the “project or organization name” is a required field, you can simply put your name in that space. That way, it will be clear to be that you are submitting as an individual, which is fine.

Thank you!


Thank you for the reply.
Oh no! I see a server error when I refresh the web page.
Could you please look into this issue? or have I just missed the deadline?


Hey Pooja, sorry you had this issue in trying to submit. A couple other folks said they had a similar issue with the application seeming to close before the stated deadline. I’ve therefore extended the deadline and you should be able to submit your application now without issue. The new deadline will be Friday, September 14th. The application can still be found at the same link as before: https://www.opentech.fund/labs/learning-lab/request-partners-learning-lab/


The POST keeps on jumping out the box scattering everywhere which makes it impossible to type


Hi Dan, do you know when the next Learning Lab RFP round will be open? Thanks!