RFP Discussion: Rebuilding OTF’s Web Site and Proposal System

Heya! We’ve just posted a Rebuilding OTF’s Web Site and Proposal System with Django to rebuild our proposal system (and the website) as a Django app. Be sure and go to that link for more information and to actually apply.

We’re posting a topic here to answer any questions anyone may have, whether you’re the general public or a possible applicant. We’re going to try and answer as many of them as we can until 10-Jul-2017. The deadline for applying is 15-Jul-2017. If we make any changes, we’ll be sure and post them here.

Here’s the top-line work we’re hoping to accomplish.

  • Work with OTF to finalize the system architecture, implementation, and migration details;
  • Design and create a central application providing an authenticated management API;
  • Deploy a Django-based CMS to maintain our existing public facing website at opentech.fund;
  • Conduct a full re-design of the web-based interface for submission management;
  • Create an interface to the management API for user interaction via Slack, Signal, and email;
  • Perform content migration between the existing and new applications;
  • Create the initial full developer and user documentation; and,
  • Conduct any needed trainings.

Thanks in advance!

Kinda late to the conversation here, but I am wondering if you see the scope of this rebuild includes the management of everything that happens after a proposal has been funded, or a fellow selected. Right now from what I can tell those follow on processes depend on low transparency bespoke tools.

I think partners experience this all as one contiguous work flow and a unified interface for it might be immensely valuable for both ends of he conversation. Part of that includes some process analysis, tuning and internal change management so would extend this RFP’s top-line request to
"Work with OTF to finalize the system architecture, implementation, and migration details" but would also increase the outcomes available for the investment OTF is making. If this is within scope, we may be interested in submitting a proposal for that task.

Of course I am happy to discuss here or over other channels. Thanks for your leadership and willingness to stare down these big challenges!

Heya and thanks for the comment. You spot on regarding our intentions and the challenge here. We very much expect and hope this initial rebuild/refactor will make our goal of evolve and expand the existing application platform to include these post approval management functions (as well as evaluation of outcomes and effects/impact). I would not be surprised if in the future, we post here seeking more information from folks followed by another request for partners.