RFP: OTF's Rapid Response Fund



Hi Everyone! We’ve just posted a request for proposals for multiple service partners to better support the urgent digital threat mitigation against targeted individuals and organizations for OTF’s Rapid Response Fund.

You can see the RFP here and you can ask any questions or post comments in this forum. We’ll be updating this post with more info as it develops. be sure and follow this post if you want to get notified of any changes.

Current schedule:

14-May-2018: RFP is published.
25-May-2018: Deadline for any posted questions (feel free to post questions but no promises we can answer all of them)
15-Jun-2018: Deadline for applications
27-Jul-2018: Estimated date for issuing contracts

We’re posting a topic here to answer any questions anyone may have, whether you’re the general public or a possible applicant. We’re going to try and answer as many of them as we can on the draft posting until 25-May-2018. From the feedback here, we’ll make any changes needed post the actual RFP, with a link here as well.