RFP Discussion: Ongoing support of OTF’s proposal system



Heya! We’ve just posted an announcement of our intent to release a new Request for Partners to continue building out more of our Django based proposal system (and the website). You can see the draft RFP there and you can ask any questions or post comments here. We’ll be updating this post with more info as it develops. Be sure and follow this post if you want to get notified of any changes.


  • 26-Mar-2018: Draft RFP up for review
  • 02-Apr-2018, 09:00 and 16:00 ET (UTC -4): Public voice chats to discuss RFP (post here requesting call in info or email hello@opentech.fund)
  • 04-Apr-2018: Post of actual RFP for review and application
  • 18-Apr-2018, 23:59 UTC: Close of RFP application
  • 02-May-2018: Awarded applicants notified

We’re posting a topic here to answer any questions anyone may have, whether you’re the general public or a possible applicant. We’re going to try and answer as many of them as we can on the draft posting until 30-Mar-2018. From the feedback here and the call, we’ll make any changes needed post the actual RFP, with a link here as well. After we’ve posted the actual RFP, we’ll again take feedback here and answer what we can. If we make any changes, we’ll be sure and post them here.

We’re also offering two calls for those considering to apply to ask any questions. These calls will be recorded, with the recordings posted here for all to review. If you would like to join the call, please request the call-in info in a message to this thread or email hello@opentech.fund.


Heya folks! Quick update, we’ve posted the actual RFP here:

Changes from the draft include:

  • Added links in the RFP to the public list of all requested new features (this is new to this RFP). You can see that link here: https://github.com/OpenTechFund/opentech.fund/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+. This is more fine grain specificity/direction from OTF;
  • Removal of a typo on 6 months contracts and replaced it with a 24 month max, and moved that into the pricing section that covers contractual specifics.
  • We also renamed that weird criteria bit and reworded that to be what it was, eligibility considerations.

We’ve also updated the schedule to:

  • 05-Apr-2018: Posting of this Request for Proposals and opening of applications
  • 13-Apr-2018: Deadline for any posted questions (feel free to keep up but no promises we’ll respond)
  • 16-Apr-2018, 23:59 UTC: Deadline for applications, close of RFP
  • 23-Apr-2018: Finalist applicants notified
  • 02-May-2018: Awarded applicants notified

Do let us know here if you have any questions.

Cheers :slight_smile: