RFP Discussion: Help us raise our diversity, equity, and inclusion practices

Heya! We’ve just posted a new opportunity for consultants to help us raise our diversity, equity, and and inclusion practices. Be sure and follow that link for more information and to actually apply.

We’re posting a topic here to answer any questions anyone may have, whether you’re the general public or a possible applicant. We’re going to try and answer as many of them as we can until 20-Sep-2017. The deadline for applying is 30-Sep-2017. If we make any changes, we’ll be sure and post them here.

Here are the services we’re hoping consultants can provide:

  • Individual / Team Culture Building Consultation & Coaching
  • Performing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Assessments with Recommendations
  • Event, Workshops, and Training Design & Facilitation
  • Review & Development of Hiring, Onboarding, and Promotion Practices
  • Review & Development of Compliance, Employment, and HR Policies
  • Review & Development of Internal / External Communication
  • Code-of-Conduct Design for Teams & Events

We are also open to applications that include service areas not listed above, with a description of the service area and a rationale for why it will advance our overall goal.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to the discussion!

Hi there,

I work at The Tor Project. My understanding is that this grant is for consultants to apply for, but can organizations which plan on doing further work toward equality apply? We’re committed to inclusivity at Tor, and the organization makes efforts to invite traditionally marginalized groups to join the project. Toward this aim, we would be particularly interested in hiring a consultant to perform the services outlined in this grant.

Tommy Collison