About the Usability Lab category

The Usability Lab aims to increase user safety and promote practical internet freedom by working with developers and technologists to improve the usability of open ­source circumvention and digital security tools.

Through its service providers, the Usability Lab provides the following services as an in-kind resource to OTF-funded projects and other internet freedom technologies:

  • Secure Usability Audits , which will analyze and identify any pitfalls that might make it difficult for users under threat to use your tool.
  • Secure Usability and User Experience (UX) Consultations , to connect tools with Usability and UX experts to help address a specific gap in expertise, or to work on solving the hard and specific challenges facing digital security tools.
  • Secure Usability Testing , which is similar to a Usability Audit, but limited in scope to a particular area or aspect of the tool.
  • User Research and User Studies , to help tools better understand the needs of their users, and how to articulate those needs in the design of their tools.
  • Assistance in secure UX Design , to help projects to design their tool in a manner that puts their user’s needs, usability, and security first.
  • Assistance developing secure usable Style Guides , which outline user interface and graphical elements, rules and guidelines to ensure a cohesive and consistent user experience across different aspects of a tool.