Community Calendar


In the spirt of collaboration, I just wanted to plug the community calendar. Find out what’s going on in our space and add your listing to:

(All of them go to the same place at the moment!)


Hi rory,

Do you by any chance run any of these websites (or know who runs them)? It would be really nice to have them enable HTTPS and whitelist Tor on their CloudFlare instances. :slight_smile:


Nope, the folks at OTF are running the site. Was just put together quickly as proof of concept but I’m sure they (@blah ) are reading and will do the necessary now that it’s more permanent/secure etc…


yeah, that’s it and thanks for bringing it up @rory1 and @mrphs. we threw it up pretty quickly and would love to get more folks involved and feedback. doing both of these things is a snap, consider them done. also shout if anyone would like to get involved moderating submissions and/or getting deeper into what could/should be happening there.


Hello dear people! Can we add Primavera Hacker to the calendar? Is happening on Nov 5th and I will be there giving workshops and presenting about Tor :slight_smile: here is more info:

(btw Tor plans to collect info on events in the global south for 2017 / let me know if you want such a list as well and I post it here)


Hey Isabela,

It’s added! And yes, it would be super awesome to have the list on events in the global south.

Also, anyone can feel free to add events directly at:


heya y’all. just a quick update here. should now be only https (same for all the other domains that point to it). As it is, anyone w/o an account (anon) can submit an event (, w/o moderation. All event’s posted there will get posted to this forum, in the events category (

If you want an account on .events to help moderate, please let me know and I’ll sign you up. We’re finishing up testing on a .onion address for otf webapps (www|fund|etc.onion). Once we’ve finished that well do an events.onion subdomain for this site as well for Tor users.

What else should we be doing here?

Aside (and because y’all are already a captive audience!!!), do you think folks would be interested in a public jobs listing on this forum?


+1 the job listing area!